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Nadine Kijner offers Intuitive Tarot sessions that are grounded, yet heart-centered, and come from a Psychological-emotional foundation. From 20 years experience, her readings are based on her Intuitive gifts, her BA in Psychology and her MFA in writing, her background in healing arts, and her extensive knowledge of the Tarot cards. While she is adept and experienced at reading and articulating the energies currently at play in your life, she offers tools for releasing the lower vibrational behaviors and assists in illuminating the path to your evolvement. She is offering messages to you, that will resonate mentally, emotionally and physically. It is her honor to assist you on the path to living the highest, most joyful life!

*Sessions are in person, by phone, FaceTime, What’s App, or video chat

Work is love made visible.” Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet








About Me

I’m Nadine Kijner

I believe we are all given innate gifts, they feel effortless and rise from us with ease and grace. Sometimes our gifts are so effortless, we do not recognize them as gifts, they are second-skin. Such was the case with me. My gifts are in the realm of human understanding: Deep Intuition, emotional intelligence, compassion, perception, listening, vulnerability, and inner strength. Until I was told, over and again since childhood, thank you for helping me, for listening, for magically healing me - I finally saw, “Oh, these are my gifts to the world!” and I am excited and honored to share them with you.

NOW THE OBLIGATORY FACTS. I have been reading Tarot for over 20 years and was honored to just receive the Best of Los Angeles 2019 award for Tarot Card Reader. I also received this award in 2018 & 2015, and am very grateful, thank you. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Boston University, a Masters Degree in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California, and have published short stories and magazine articles. Many moons ago I worked in Film & TV Production both in Boston and NYC, before moving to Los Angeles. I am a devoted yogi, a Reiki Master, and read Astrology charts. My passion is to create beauty, art and to be of vital assistance to helping others evolve.

I come 100% from Eastern European Ukrainian-Moldavian heritage, and was the first one in my family born in the USA. Both my parents were born and raised in Colombia, South America where I spent much time throughout my childhood. I am bi-lingual - I grew up speaking Spanish at home, and English outside my home, which shaped this parallel universe of understanding life before words, through my intuitive feelings.

I will say the single most forming event of my life came as the harshest blow, the sudden loss of my mother when I was 10. Navigating through these confusing, heavy emotions, and trauma, imbued me with skills to help others through theirs. Despite this tragedy, I traveled vastly in my youth to Central and South America, Israel, and throughout Europe, which has given me a ‘worldly citizen’ view of life. Tragically, I lost my father suddenly in a car accident 2 1/2 years ago - re-visiting as an adult, the shock, grief and sorrow I had experienced as a child. I know the terrain of emotional devastation, and I also know how to resurrect from it. We do not have to stay stuck in our traumas and wounds. We can revitalize, heal, transform and emerge lighter, stronger, deepened, and yes, filled with the joy of being alive.

I am currently at work on a memoir, and a book on the Tarot. Thank you for journeying with me into my website.



I’ve known Nadine Kijner since the late 90’s when she was a film executive, and was happy to find her again and get advice of a different kind. We did a Tarot Reading over the phone, and Nadine was remarkable. She clearly knows her stuff, and doesn’t sugarcoat it when there’s something you need to pay attention to. She was accurate and intuitive, bringing all the warmth and genuine qualities I remembered her for. We will definitely have more readings in the future - I cannot recommend Nadine more highly.
— Jeff Arch - screenwriter/author "Sleepless in Seattle"
Nadine Kijner is the most gifted Intuit and Tarot card reader I’ve ever gone to! She did a reading for me last September and predicted that I would be in a loving relationship by March (and trust me, I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to be in one, so when she said it, I didn’t really count on it happening). She was right! I met my guy on Feb 28th and we started dating in March. Her reading was very insightful and helpful. I just love the way she reads, her accuracy and her big, warm open heart! Thank you, Nadine!
— Kellie jean Simmons - Reiki Master/Healer
Nadine has insight and experience that allows her to see into the cards of life and offer support with compassion.
— Michael Mollura - Psychotherapist, Film Composer
Nadine is a gifted healer. I went to her because I had been suffering with a bad shoulder. After one session of Reiki, I noticed a gradual improvement. After a day, the pain was completely gone! I enjoy her eloquent Tarot Readings that provide provocative, emotional/psychological insight into the significance of the cards. I highly recommend Nadine!
— David Kennet - Holistic Allergist - Sound Vibration
Hello, my name is Dora Glottman and I was fortunate to have a Tarot Reading with Nadine. I live in Bogota, in Colombia, South America, and I heard about her through friends. She was amazing at making it happen in spite of being via cellphone and at different time zones.

Nadine was not only right on with her reading, but helped me understand better what steps to take next. She was incredible at her understanding of where my life is at and was sensitive in how she told me what the tarot read. Thanks to this beautiful experience, i have been able to feel more calm regarding certain scenarios, more loving towards people whose feelings i wasnt aware of and all around more secure in the steps i take. Thanks nadine!! You are a gift to so many and may your light shine forth!
— Dora Glottman - Journalist, writer - Bogota, Colombia