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Introduction to Tarot Reading Workshop Part 1 - Purchase Individually - $299

Introduction to Tarot Reading Workshop 3- Part Series. - $888 (includes two free gifts)

In these 3 courses you will learn:

  • The 78 cards of the deck. ~ The Major Arcana ~ The Minor Arcana

  • The 4 suits. The Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles ~ Numerology within the Minor Arcana ~ How to communicate messages with Compassion

  • The Court Cards ~ The Major Arcana Journey (archetypes) in detail ~ How to connect to your Intuition ~ How to Pull cards with Intention ~ 3-Card Spread (Past, Present, Future) ~. 10-Card Spread ~ How to speak non-violently but directly ~ Utilize Tarot to solve Issues and problems Utilize Tarot for Self-growth and Self-discovery ~ Assist in Decision Making ~ Come from your Intuition rather than your thinking mind ~ And so much more!

  • Made with LOVE and GRATITUDE